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Publisher review for

Publisher review for

Supportingads provides a golden opportunity for publishers to increase their income many folds through their publisher program. Here publishers display ads on their websites and get paid whenever their visitors click on those ads.

It is the most effective way to make money from your sites, blogs and forums. It delivers the highest cpc ads within the network advertisers. The main objective is to put the best ads on your page to generate the maximum cpc.

Here advertisers do the bidding for different keywords and only the highest bidders are granted space on your website. This way the highest quality and quantity ads are displayed on your page. The ads are matched on right pages which enhances the site’s traffic and generates clicks.

This system is made for publishers after many years of testing and is open to and suits almost any site owner or publisher having one person’s blog or any large company portal. Supportingads covers all the drawbacks of Google Adsense to give publishers maximum ROI.

In supportingads they accept all sites registered for the program. All pages and sites are accepted except those having illegal or adult content. As it require source code access to display the ads, so facebook, twitter and youtube are not allowed.

Pay out limit is as low as$ 10 unlike Google Adsense which don’t pay anything which is less than $100. So if minimum you make $ 10 or more in profit you get payment once a month. Payments are made as per your convenience through Paypal, Payza, Skrill and wire bank transfers.

In supporting ads accounts are approved within 12 hours unlike Google Adsense where it takes many weeks. With supportingads your sites are accepted irrespective of it’s size big or small whereas in Google Adsense the sites which receive low traffic are rejected.

With SupportingAds all the ads are displayed with relevance to the contents of the website’s page and ads start appearing instantly just after you place the HTML code in your website. The same code can be used on as many sites as you want and you can have 3 ad blocks on each page.

You can also use the ads of other advertising network if their codes are compatible. The system works constantly so that you get the best and highest paying ads and the targeted traffic.

It gives the highest share in the advertising industry In installation of script is very simple and you don’t need a professional to overhaul your website. To sign up you have to go to supporting and sign up as a publisher.

Then go to your control panel and click Ad Code Wizard leaving the field Filler Contents URL blank. Then you get an HTML code and you copy it onto your site where you want to place the ad. Supportingads shares up to 80% revenue with the publishers and gives you the liberty of using other advertisement options on your webpage.

They have 24/7 hrs ready customer support team to redress all your complaints, grievances and queries. Conclusively though supportingads is not as popular as Google Adsense, it has all the potential to compete with it ensuring you the maximum ROI. More details can be found at adwords alternatives

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